Intensive Restoration Program

The Intensive Restoration Program (IRP) meets the needs of adolescent males ages 13-17 who have been referred by the judicial system and/or community agencies due to a need to be deemed fit to stand trial or deemed at risk for developing legal issues due to chronic externalizing behaviors. Adolescents within this program have had previous treatment failures including outpatient and/or psychiatric hospitalization. The IRP provides comprehensive assessment, treatment; education and follow up to help adolescents and their family/caregivers effectively cope and grow.

Treatment is coordinated by a multi-disciplinary team that works consistently with the adolescent, family/caregivers, and referral source from admission through discharge and afterwards. It is fundamental to our program that the adolescents we serve are not viewed as the sum of their challenges and deficits. We identify strengths and assets in all areas of the adolescent’s life and work with the individual and the family/caregivers to find HOPE as they capitalize upon them.