Traditional Outpatient Therapy

SBHS Outpatient clinic provides group therapy, individual/family therapy, and medication management services to children, adolescents, and young adults ages 4-21 who would benefit from increasing daily functioning, strengthening healthy ways to cope with stressful situations, to communicate and interact more effectively with family members, peers, and other people in the community.

Medication Consultation and Management

SBHS psychiatrists and advance practice nurses provide medication consultation and ongoing medication management for children and adolescents ranging from 4 – 21 years of age.  Our patients parents/guardians also participate in this process and receive education on their child’s medication(s) and behavioral or mental health struggles. Appointments can be in person in the office or virtually through telehealth appointments.

Group Therapy

SBHS Outpatient Clinic offers therapy groups weekly which are designed to help youth and their families manage difficult emotions and behaviors and to strengths emotional regulation skills and build healthy skills to improve all areas of the child or adolescents life.

Participants are expected to attend 12 consecutive sessions to successfully graduate from the program.  Upon completion of the 12th session, the group therapist will provide recommendations  to families for continued participation or graduation from the group.

Currently Offered Outpatient Therapy Groups:

Anger Management Group

Ages: 4–12
Tuesdays 4:30pm – 5:30pm

This group is appropriate for a child who struggles with controlling himself or herself when upset, has tantrums, and is aggressive towards others.  This group will help your child learn to more effectively manage feelings of anger in safe and productive ways.  It will also lead to reduction in frequency of tantrums and incidents involving demonstration of aggressive behaviors.

Managing Anxiety Group

Ages: 4-17
Saturdays 11:00am – 12:00pm

This group assists participants in building skills needed to negotiate school anxiety, social anxiety and general anxiety.  This group teachers children and adolescents how to more effectively manage stress, how to make worries seem smaller, how to speak up for themselves, and how to feel better about themselves.  Participants are split into groups based on their ages – Children ages 4-8. Pre-Teen ages 9-13, Teens 14-17

Grief and Loss Group

Ages: 5-17
Tuesdays 5:30pm – 6:30pm

This group helps children and adolescents work through losses they have experienced including death, moves, or divorce.

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) Group

Ages: 12-17
Saturdays 9:00am – 10:00am

DBT Group is designed for adolescents who struggle with self-harming behaviors, depression, or coping with overwhelming feelings in safe ways.  This group teaches participants how to regulate their emotions, cope with strong emotions in safe ways using DBT therapy which is an evidence based therapeutic approach based on the work of Dr. Marsha Linehan.

Global Skills Group

Ages: 5-17
Saturday 12:00pm – 1:00pm

Global Skills group is for neurodivergent client or those whose brain processes, learns, and/or behaves differently from what is considered “typical”.  Often these clients have been given a diagnosis on the autism spectrum.  The group focuses on interventions and activities focusing on the following areas – attention, critical thinking, impulse control, and calming strategies.  Many activities also focus on building social skills and connections and learning to tolerate others and tolerate differences in the environment.

ADHD Group

Ages: 5-17
Saturdays 10:00am – 11:00am

ADHD Group addresses attention, memory, focus on self and surroundings, concentration on task, impulse control, self-regulation (i.e., nervousness, feeling on edge, agitated) and pro-social skills.

The participants are split into groups based on age – child 5-9, pre-teen 10-12, Teen 13-17.  The groups are designed to be interactive allowing the group members to learn skills in experiential ways and practice the skills in the setting.  Overall topics are reinforced frequently with different interventions to increase repetitive learning shown to have more effectiveness for retaining knowledge and skills.

For more information or to enroll in services at the SBHS outpatient clinic, please call 630-540-3924.