Who We Serve

Streamwood Behavioral Healthcare System Inpatient Services:

Children (ages 3-11)

Children are hospitalized for a variety of reasons where they pose a risk to self or others. Streamwood is one of the few hospitals equipped to work with young children who pose a risk to self or others.

Adolescents (ages 12-17)

We offer three different adolescent programs. We offer a co-ed programming for adolescents who are suicidal or self injurious and absent of significant aggressive behaviors. We also offer a separate program for adolescent boys who have a history of aggression and one for adolescent girls with aggression in their history.

Adults (ages 18 and older)

We serve adults with a variety of presenting problems including depression, anxiety and trauma resulting in self destructive thoughts/behaviors, significant anger problems and psychosis. While we do not offer programming for patients who ONLY have substance use problems, we do offer supports for patients with other problems described above AND who have substance use issues.

Autism Spectrum Disorders Specialty Unit (ages 4-17)

Children with developmental or intellectual disabilities or children who for other reasons do not benefit from talk therapies program on this unit, which relies predominantly on behavioral therapies as its treatment approach.

Streamwood Behavioral Health Outpatient Service:

SBHS Outpatient Service offers programming to children ages 4 through 12 and provides care for children who either do not need inpatient level of care, or for those who have been in the hospital for stabilization, and need follow-up care. Outpatient service care promotes continued recovery and skill building to manage the struggles that led our patients’ families to seek treatment, care, and support. SBHS Outpatient Service includes Partial Hospitalization Programming (PHP), Intensive Outpatient Programming (IOP), traditional Outpatient Clinic, and a Therapeutic Day School, Innovations Academy.

As the premier provider of behavioral healthcare services, Streamwood Behavioral Healthcare System is committed to quality, community collaboration with our patients’ families, schools, external providers, and other invested parties to develop and provide innovative therapeutic services to pave a pathway to recovery. We inspire hope and build resilience for our patients, their families, and the community to make every life worth living.

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