Streamwood Behavioral Healthcare System is proud to present our new Mission Statement. As you can see in the attached image, we are renewing our dedication to quality, community collaboration, and innovative therapeutic services. We are excited to focus our efforts to improve ourselves on each of these fronts.

To begin, we are raising our standards of quality by expanding our services to underserved populations. This can be seen in not only our expansion of services to treat adults up to the age of 50 in our inpatient hospital, but also through agreements with community schools. We have begun supplementing the outstanding work of school professionals by providing outpatient support groups from within the schools. We have already set up multiple satellite offices in our local school districts and are constantly investigating other opportunities to make sure the community’s youth have all of the support they need to flourish!

Similarly, we are also investing heavily in our communities by teaming up with leaders and local governments to provide assistance and trainings where opportunities arise. We are even participating in community fundraisers by donating the time of our clinicians and substantial materials to make sure that family-friendly, arts and crafts options remain available at local summer festivities. In addition, we also have multiple employees that are volunteering their time with local government commissions and non-profit community agencies.

Lastly, we have renewed our dedication to innovative therapeutic services. Shortly, our adolescent inpatient unit will fully adopt a “disease-specific”, coed model of treatment in which the unit populations will be separated by their presenting behaviors and not simply by their genders. This will allow us to focus our treatment on the specific needs of the patients and create a supportive environment in which each patient feels comfortable to share their experiences during group treatment. The benefits of this change will be two-fold. Primarily, this will allow us to maximize the value of our hospitalization services while simultaneously allowing our transgendered and gender expansive patients to receive services consistent to their needs and not determined by their biology.

In closing, we are excited throughout the hospital about our new mission because it truly deepens our connection to why we all entered this field. We want to care for our communities and we are excited to be taking a more proactive stance towards those ends. We hope that you enjoy our new direction and if you would like to speak to someone that can supply even more information about the new and exciting changes at our hospital, feel free to contact our Group Director of Business Development, John Wiley at 630-837-9000 x 3611.