Financial Assistance

Financial Assistance

You may be eligible for financial assistance under the terms and conditions the hospital offers to qualified patients. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact the following individuals at (800) 272-7790.

Financial Counselor – Ext. 4295
Director of Assessment & Referral – Ext. 5537
Director of Business Office Services – Ext. 4275
Compliance & Privacy Officer – Ext. 4296

Financial Assistance Application Process

  • Assessment & Referral Intake Clinicians provide notification to patients and their guardians regarding the potential option of financial assistance. Also, an uninsured patient who meets certain income requirements may qualify for an uninsured discount. Assessment & Referral Intake Clinicians are available to provide assistance at (800) 272-7790 Ext. 5573
  • The Financial Counselor is available on-site to meet directly with patients and their guardians to assist them by answering their questions regarding financial assistance options and to initiate the financial assistance process if applicable.
  • If the patient or the patient’s guardian prefers to contact the Financial Counselor via telephone, Assessment & Referral Intake Clinicians provide the Financial Counselor contact information to the patient and their guardian as requested.
  • The Financial Counselor is available to assist the patient and their guardian in completing the SBHS Financial Worksheet as applicable.
    The Financial Counselor will further assist the patient and their family member in processing the application for health care coverage if applicable.
  • The Financial Counselor is available throughout the course of treatment to answer any questions or concerns the patient or guardian may have regarding financial assistance options available to them.

For more information, the following form is available for download:

SBHS FairPatientBillingActPublicNotice
SBHS Financial Assistance Application Process
(attached documents must be included, along with Charity Application in both English and Spanish)

Charity Application:

Charity Care Application
Charity Care Application- Spanish