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As part of our continuing efforts to be the primary behavioral health resource within the State of Illinois, we feel it is imperative that we share Our HOPE by providing clinical and educational expertise with our partners.

Free continuing education units (CEUs) and community seminar opportunities for:

  • Mental Health Professionals
  • Parents
  • Criminal Justice Officers
  • Students
  • Court Personnel
  • Community Residents
  • School Staff

Previous training and seminar topics:

Effectively Handling Power Struggles
with School Age Children
Psychotic Disorder
Balancing Work and Family
Developmental Delays
Balancing Love and Discipline
Attachment Disorder
Art Therapy
Bipolar Disorder
Anxiety Disorder
Parenting with Love and Logic ®
Suicide Prevention
Development of a Trauma-Informed
Coercion-Free Environment
School Refusal
Cutting—Self Mutilation
Developmental Milestones (Piaget and Erickson)
Trends in Adolescent Mental Health
Racial Segregation
Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT)
Race and Class
Play Therapy
Juvenile Delinquency
National Action Alliance for Suicide Prevention