Referral Process for Parents/Caregivers

Our clinical assessment and referral staff are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you find your child or adolescent in crisis or simply have questions or concerns regarding their behavior, please call (630) 837-9000 or (800) 272-7790 and ask for the Assessment and Referral Department. Please use the following phone number for referrals only: 630-540-3700.
Over the phone our staff will walk you through an information gathering process so that they can better assist you with next steps. The crisis level of your call will be evaluated, and a recommendation for services will be given. If deemed necessary, an assessment will be recommended. You can access an assessment two different ways:

You can walk into our facility without an appointment and still receive an immediate assessment, or
You can schedule it on the phone with the staff person you are speaking with.

The in-person assessment process typically takes 60 minutes. Following the conclusion of the assessment, you will be given recommendations for treatment and referrals to programs — either within the Streamwood Behavioral Healthcare System or elsewhere in the appropriate community.

Referral Process for Professional Providers

If you are a social service provider and have a crisis with a child or adolescent, obtain a release of information from the parent/caregiver so that you may share information with us. Call (630) 837-9000 or (800)-272-7790 and ask for Assessment and Referral Department.

Share information with clinician about the current situation. Provide clinical rationale for a referral for acute hospitalization. The information will be shared with the nurse manager and a psychiatrist. Once it is determined that we are able to meet the needs of the child, adolescent or young adult you will be called back so we can acquire additional information and/or provide you with our recommendations.

If you are a school or agency, you can share information with the parent/caregiver and they can call to schedule an appointment or may walk-in for an assessment. If the parent/caregiver gives you permission, you may schedule the appointment for an assessment. We will obtain a release of information at the time of the assessment for your school or agency and will contact you at the conclusion of the assessment with our recommendations for treatment.